Ecological Consultants


Middlemarch Environmental Ltd has over 40 ecological and arboricultural consultants. Our consultants are skilled in undertaking ecological and protected species surveys.

Detailed below are some of the roles our ecological consultants undertake for our clients;


Ecological Supervision on site

This service is usually undertaken by one of ecological project officers. The role of the project officer on site is to ensure that during the works on site no protected species are harmed.

This role may involve our consultant supervising vegetation removal and ensuring the works are being undertaking as per the sites method statement or planning condition.

During these works, if any protected species are found, our ecologist will remove the species from site if possible, or some cases the work may need to be postponed until the species can be removed.


Stage 1 Ecological Survey

All of ecological consultants undertake ecological walkover surveys. Our consultants will assess the site, which will involve a detailed walkover of site.  This type of survey is mainly undertaken at the start of a project to determine if there are ecological features on site that may need further surveys.

During the walkover survey our consultant will identify where possible any signs of protected species, this may include and plant, grass or tree species also identified. In some cases we also look buildings (externally) and trees for any features that may support roosting bats.

The findings of the surveys will be documented in a report format, this will also include a map of the site, which will identify the habitats onsite.

Often this information can feed info different ecological reports, including Preliminary Ecological Assessment, BREEAM Ecological Assessment and Code for Sustainable Homes Ecological Assessments.

For more information about the roles of our surveyors, please contact  a member of our team.