The European Biodiversity Standard (EBS)


Middlemarch Environmental has been working with the European Centre for Nature Conservation (ECNC) since 2008 to develop the European Biodiversity Standard, a new way to assess biodiversity impacts at a European level.

The European Biodiversity Standard (EBS) is a simple toolkit that allows businesses to assess their own biodiversity performance and gain accreditation for good practice from ECNC.

The EBS was launched at the 'Business @ Biodiversity' event in September 2010 after several pilot schemes, including an assessment of the Nestle Waters Espana plant in Viladrau, Barcelona.

As Lawrence Jones-Walters, Senior Programme Manager at ECNC said:

“The European Biodiversity Standard is an exciting new tool to integrate biodiversity into businesses right across Europe. With our new website we have an easy-to-use portal enabling all the key documents to be accessed and downloaded. Over time we will be highlighting successful case studies too.”

Amongst the new elements of the EBS are a link between carbon and biodiversity, so that environmental managers can see the impact of biodiversity on both carbon capital and revenue – key drivers in the climate change agenda. EBS also enables an assessment of ecosystem services provided by land under the company’s ownership.

Find out more about the European Biodiversity Standard here where you can find key documents.


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