GIS Mapping and Analysis

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is the key tool for putting survey results into context and for designing effective mitigation strategies.


What we do

The GIS team at Middlemarch Environmental is experienced in providing mapping, database and spatial analysis solutions as part of ecological assessments as well as to custom specifications. The team also has a background in ecology.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an invaluable tool in visualising and analysing survey data and for managing large datasets that combine pertinent external data with survey data.

At Middlemarch Environmental, we use ArcGIS and can supply our GIS data in various formats, including: ESRI (various native formats), CAD (DWG/DXF), MapInfo (TAB, MIF), and many other OGC® formats.


In conjunction with GIS Mapping, Middlemarch Environmental has extensive experience of providing cost-effective ecological solutions;

Case Studies

You can read some case studies detailed the projects we have provided GIS mapping services.


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