Step 2: Habitat Design, Permissions and Licences


 Step 2 includes the development of detailed habitat design works (utilising information provided in Step 1 where appropriate) in addition to any other further studies and / or consultee requirements.  The design phase will usually involve:

  • Developing of a model for the creation of habitats at the site – based on an detailed understanding of the target habitat’s requirements and management needs.
  • With respect to wetland habitats, an ‘ideal’ water level regime for the site would be developed to inform the overall design of the scheme, and allow assessment of any earthworks required, and subsequent water level management regime.
  • Design works would usually address the incorporation of creation proposals targeting habitats and species identified in National and Local Biodiversity Action Plans, maximising the area of habitat created within the site (including landscape depositional areas) and, for wetland habitats, detailed water budget calculations.

 Middlemarch will often facilitate or complete applications for permissions and licences associated with the creation of habitats on behalf of the clients. 



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