Step 3: Habitat Creation


Step 3 includes the practical implementation of the habitat creation works and often includes completion of on-site engineering setting-out and supervision associated with habitat creation.  The detailed understanding of the criticalities of the ecological requirements of target habitats allows the design to be successfully translated onto the ground through a supervisory role.

Habitat Creation Projects

Creation projects that have been carried out or supervised by the Middlemarch team have included the following habitats;

  • Woodland, scrub and hedgerows
  • Wildflower and calcareous grassland
  • Heathland
  • Wet and marshy grassland 
  • Reedbeds and fen habitats
  • Lakes, ponds and scrapes
  • Saline lagoons
By engaging with an ecological engineer from Middlemarch Environmental to supervise the habitat creation works, the delivery of biodiversity within each site can be maximised and any on site issues can be dealt with in such a way that habitat design is not compromised.

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