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  • CIEEM Celebrates Receiving Royal Charter!

    Posted On 10 Apr 2013 by Middlemarch Environmental

    This week, the former Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM) celebrated becoming the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM – pronounced ‘sy-eem’). The Royal Charter was enacted on 1st April 2013. The Institute’s members (including our consultants) now belong to a professional body recognised for its work by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and which operates under the scrutiny of the Privy Council, ensuring the very highest of professional standards.

    CIEEM are the professional body that represents and supports ecologists and  environmental managers in the UK, Ireland and abroad and our consultants are active members of this organisation. Established in 1991, they have over 4,400 members drawn from local authorities, government agencies, industry, environmental consultancy, teaching/research, and NGOs. 


    Click here to find out more about CIEEM.

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  • Middlemarch Has Three New Office Locations!

    Posted On 25 Mar 2013 by Middlemarch Environmental

    Middlemarch Has 3 New Office Locations in the UK!

    Great news for all our clients, we now have an additional Three New Offices located across the UK, in Cumbria, Hampshire and Sussex. In total we now have seven regional offices in;

    - Coventry – Head Office
    - Derbyshire
    - Worcester
    - Cumbria – New Office
    - Hampshire – New Office
    - Sussex – New Office
    - Kent

    Middlemarch are able to access sites across the UK, quickly, efficiently and reduce our carbon footprint. Middlemarch can effectively deploy a team to undertake any of the following services; protected species surveys, arboricultural surveys, BREEAM/Code for sustainable ecological assessment and extended phase 1 habitat surveys.


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  • Middlemarch Awarded - ISO18001:2013 British Standard!

    Posted On 12 Mar 2013 by Middlemarch Environmental

    Middlemarch Environmental has recently been accredited with ISO18001:2013 British Standard for occupational health and safety management systems. Middlemarch takes its responsibility for the safety of its employees very seriously. Over the years we have reviewed and introduced many processes to ensure the safety of our employee’s onsite and in the office and as such this has led to gaining ISO18001.

    ISO18001 is designed to clarify an organisation's impact on health and safety issues, as well as help to reduce the risk of accidents and any breach in legal requirements. The benefits for achieving the ISO18001 are;

    - Reduced risk to employees, customers and suppliers
    - Reduction in the costs associated with accidents at work
    - Enhanced staff morale and motivation
    - Demonstration of legal and regulatory compliance
    - Enhanced status and competitive advantage
    - Reduced insurance premiums

    Now that Middlemarch have been awarded ISO18001, we have demonstrated that our delivery is managed efficiently and responsibly.  We are able to identify and control the health and safety risks, reduce the potential for accidents and improve our overall performance.

    Middlemarch’s quality systems are accredited to ISO9001:2008 and the company’s environmental management system is accredited to ISO14001:2004.

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  • New Tree Team Member!

    Posted On 11 Mar 2013 by Middlemarch Environmental

    Marco Bartolini Joins our Tree Team

    Marco has recently joined our tree team at Middlemarch Environmental Ltd, and will be leading our Hampshire office.  Marco is a qualified arboricultural consultant and surveyor. His interests lie in conservation and arboriculture, his skills are utilised by the Hampshire Wildlife Trust to carry out woodland management and ecological surveys.

    Marcos Experience

    His previous experience included carrying arboricultural inspections and advice for development proposals and advising on matters relating to ecology and trees. Marco has also worked as a tree officer for Southampton Council, dealing with public enquiries, TPO tree work, surveying and advising on planning applications.

    More than just Trees

    Marcos experience has led him to carry a variety of survey work in all areas of the country, including London, Devon, Derbyshire and Nottingham, for clients such as local authorities, housing developers and planning consultants.

    Marco holds a great crested newt licence and has experience with undertaking bat activity surveys.

    Marco is CRB checked in compliance for access into school premises.

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  • New River Corridor Survey - Watkin Jones Homes

    Posted On 27 Feb 2013 by Middlemarch Environmental

    River Corridor Survey – Ger Y Nat Felinheli, Gwynedd – Watkin Jones Homes

    Middlemarch Environmental were commissioned by Watkin Jones Homes to undertake a River Corridor Survey. River Corridor Surveys are less often required, so this opportunity was quite exciting for our habitat creation team.

    The River Corridor Survey was required for a site in Gywnedd, where a proposed housing development was taking place. The development was closely situated near a brook which was proposed to be diverted and Watkin Jones Homes needed ecological design input to ensure that there would be no adverse effect on the brook. The Environment Agency had identified that consideration would need to be given to  the Water Framework Directive to ensure appropriate habitat re-creation and where possible, habitat enhancement.

    Middlemarch used the baseline river corridor survey data to carry out an ecological impact assessment. We also provided details of mitigation measures and habitat creation options associated with the brook diversion works. Our study ensured the brook re-alignment was granted permission by the Environment Agency and that the brook diversion works would not only maintain but also potentially also enhance the brook habitat on site.


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  • MOLA and Middlemarch announce strategic partnership

    Posted On 10 Dec 2012 by Middlemarch Environmental

    Middlemarch Environmental and MOLA  have teamed up  to  provide a  streamlined  service  for  their  client Hurley Palmerflatt, which offered a  joint approach  to  pre planning  site  investigations.  Both  organisations  have  worked  together  on several large development projects  where  both archaeological and  ecology  impact statements  were a  requirement for  planning purposes. 

    Middlemarch Environmental and MOLA began working on Project Fox in 2011, it is a extremely sensitive site, which Middlemarch has approached with a great deal of professionalism. Middlemarch has been involved with the ecology, landscape, and arboricultural works required for this project, such as bat, badger and reptile surveys. Huw  Sherlock,  Regional Manager  for  MOLA in the  Midlands  and  Wales undertook the archaeological site works for Project Fox

    "The advice and service Middlemarch and MOLA has provided has been exceptional, but also delivered on time. The support and assistance from both teams meant the budget for this project has been on target and efficiently managed." Jonathan Blake - Hurley Palmerflatt.




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  • A14

    Posted On 7 Oct 2012 by Middlemarch Environmental

    Middlemarch’s 1st £1 Million Contract - Updated Oct 2012

    Since publishing this news story earlier in the year, the A14 project has recently been awarded the best major project by The Highway Magazine 2012 Excellence Awards. This award was for the team responsible for the sucessful delivery of a major project. The Project was judged on the following categories;

    -Evidence of overall value of scheme
    -Innovative measures taken to achieve a particular goal or aim
    -The range of challenges identified and techniques used to overcome them
    -Quality and impact of project on stakeholders, and contribution to the wider community and travelling public
    -Overall environmental impact

    Middlemarch Environmental completed a £1 million contract for Birse Civils. The A14CTMS (M6 junction to Felixstowe inSuffolk) project started in 2009 and was completed in 2011. It involved constructing over 300 individual sites for communications equipment and laying over 150km of cabling.

    The road improvement scheme required Middlemarch to survey each site, the cable routes and adjacent habitats to ensure compliance with wildlife legislation. Several species were identified that could be impacted by the works including amphibians, badgers, bats, reptiles, water voles, otters, invertebrates and birds including Stone Curlews. These along with important habitats such as Devils Dyke SSSI, wildflower rich verges with lizard orchids and several watercourses resulted in strict ecological control measures. In addition restored habitats were carefully considered for specific species e.g. blackthorn whips were planted in an area known for brown hairstreak butterflies.

    Through Middlemarch combining the habitat manipulation works along with its ecological clerk of works role it led to significant cost savings as well as better co-ordination of the necessary works to minimise the impact on wildlife.

    In addition to the on-site works, Middlemarch engaged local schools with ecology workshops and classes.

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  • Stanley Habitat Creation

    Posted On 10 Sep 2012 by Middlemarch Environmental

    What they did..

    BarhaleWSP commissioned Middlemarch Environmental Ltd to devise a habitat creation and management plan for approximately 3100m3 of sandy spoil. 

    The spoil was deposited onto existing species poor semi-improved grassland owned by the Client in a contoured mound. Once established, it is hoped the spoil will benefit the following target species:

    -Species-rich neutral grassland which will thrive on the sandy substrate mound (shown in pink on map)
    -Invertebrates including butterflies - UK BAP species, which will feed on the neutral grassland
    -Amphibians, such as Common Toad and Smooth Newt have increased areas for hibernating through the creation of refugia
    -Solitary wasps and bees will be able to nest in a steep bare bank created on the spoil mound
    -Grass Snakes will benefit from material placed on site to form basking and refuge opportunities


    -Eliminated muck away costs of excavation arisings, estimated saving of £50,000
    -Reduced volume of construction traffic on highways
    -Improved a pre-existing area of land to benefit wildlife in the future, including UK BAP species, which have declined in numbers
    -Built a good working relationship with Middlemarch Environmental Ltd

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  • Water Vole Mitigation Programme - Birse Civils

    Posted On 3 Sep 2012 by Middlemarch Environmental

    Middlemarch Environmental started this project over in March 2012, which involved consultation with Birse Civils and the Environment Agency with regards to the water vole mitigation works.

    The aim of this project was to ensure water voles would not be affected by the upgrading of ditches and dykes within Cambridge & Norfolk and the species would continue to thrive once the works had been completed. Works began in March and April with vegetation clearance within the works area and destruction of burrows by hand. These areas were then subject to a weekly strim to ensure the habitat remained unsuitable for water voles  until the works could be started in July. The work areas were also checked for evidence of water voles on a weekly basis to ensure no new burrows appeared. Adjacent areas were also monitored for water vole activity.

    Birse Civils implemented a very proactive approach to water voles and as such were flexible with the works, which enabled to project not to be held up by ecological issues.






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  • BREEAM Ecological Assessment: The Phoenix House, Reading

    Posted On 7 Aug 2012 by Middlemarch Environmental

    Middlemarch's relationship with Mansell Construction began over 15 years ago, we have provided ecological expertise on various projects across the UK, ensuring planning requirements and deadlines are met. 

    Middlemarch Environmental have been working with Mansell Construction on a recent project, The Phoenix House in Reading.

    This current scheme, was part of a large refurbishment project, Middlemarch produced a BREEAM Ecological Assessment. Even though this is a urban site with little to no scope for soft landscaping, the project was still awarded with a "better than average " score, without having to implement a costly landscaping scheme.

    Middlemarch Environmental Ltd is a member of the Association of Wildlife Trust Consultancies (AWTC) and is accredited to conduct BREEAM ecological assessments.



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