• Middlemarch Brochure Date 12 May 2015

    This new and exiting brochure, which was developed by our team of consultants is now available. The brochure highlights the key services Middlemarch offers as well as example sites.

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  • Middlemarch Echo: Issue 30 Date 24 Mar 2013

    This new 2013 newsletter is a great opportunity for Middlemarch to showcase our BREEAM/Code for Sustainable Homes work stream, it gives our clients some valuable information about how to maximise their ecological BREEAM credits. We also have a detachable species survey calendar, which detailed the best time of year for undertaking protected species surveys.

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  • Middlemarch Echo: Issue 29 Date 27 Feb 2012

    This exciting Spring Echo is all about ecology. We have some great news stories from our Arboricultural & CfSH teams, and also from our Northern office. We have also featured some of our popular services we can provide at Middlemarch.

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  • Middlemarch Echo: Issue 28 Date 14 Nov 2011

    This newsletter provides an insight into our habitat creation and restoration services. You can read about some of our recent habitat creation projects which have helped clients achieve their development goals, whilst providing homes for wildlife.

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  • Middlemarch Echo: Issue 27 Date 11 Jul 2011

    This newsletter provides an overview into the ecological and biodiversity services we can provide, from a large scale business park development requiring protected species surveys and translocation, to a small scale housing developments requiring Code for Sustainable Homes input.

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  • Middlemarch Echo: Issue 26 Date 14 Mar 2011

    This newsletter details all of our tree related services from the first step arboricultural survey to detailed tree constraints plans, implication assessments and tree protection plans. It also details the different types of categories each tree is assessed against during an Arboricultural Survey.

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  • Middlemarch Echo: Issue 25 Date 11 Oct 2010

    This newsletter details our experience of working with businesses to provide strategic support and operational assistance with business and biodiversity issues. We highlight some key issues and advice for managing biodiversity in your business.

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  • Middlemarch Echo: Issue 24 Date 14 Jun 2010

    In this edition of Echo we provide any overview to our bat survey services provided by our team of bat specialists and licensed bat workers. It highlights some of the structures bats may potentially use to roost and details of when to survey.

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