Presence/Absence Survey


One of our experienced ecologists will undertake a great crested newt survey in accordance with the current best practice methodology, as defined by English Nature (2001).

Our ecologists will undertake four survey visits to determine the presence/absence of great crested newts within the proposal development area and surround ponds within 250/500m radius.

Our licenced surveyors will undertake three of the following survey methods during each visit:

  • Torchlight survey;
  • Bottle trapping;
  • Egg searches; and,
  • Direct search of terrestrial refugia.

Survey visits may be undertaken during suitable weather conditions between mid-March and mid-June, with at least two visits timed to occur between mid-April and mid-May.  Wherever possible it is best practice to include all ponds within 250/500m of the site boundary. 

Should great crested newts be recorded within any of the ponds, a Natural England development licence may be required to prevent any breach of legislation.  In order to inform the licence application process a great crested newt population assessment will be required.


T: 0.032806 s.