Arboricultural Method Statement and Protection Plans


What we do

Once the development layout proposals are finalised a Tree Protection Plan can be prepared to ensure trees are not harmed during development. The plan includes:

  • Trees for retention
  • Trees for removal
  • Location of protective fencing
  • Location of ground protection
  • Details of any special construction techniques, such as ‘no-dig’ hardstanding.

The Tree Protection Plan can be a stand-alone document or more usually is included as part of an Arboricultural Method Statement.

The Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS ) (or Arboricultural Development Statement) provides details of exactly how trees will be protected during every point in the development process from setting up site cabins to post-development landscaping works. It aims to support the Planning Application, to discharge Planning Conditions and provide a working document for site personnel.

Middlemarch can discuss development design with the local council’s Tree Officer to ensure that all construction methods and protective measures meet their requirements. This will prevent any delays in the planning process.


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