Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Constraints Plans


What we do

A Tree Constraints Plan (TCP) maps the influence that trees on and adjacent to a site will have on the proposed development in terms of above ground and below ground constraints. The plan visually displays the relationship between proposed structures and existing trees to assess any impact. A Tree Constraints Plan provides a design tool on which to develop initial site layouts. If followed, it will greatly reduce potential conflicts between the proposed layout and the planning system, significantly reducing the time spent on layout amendments and redesign.

An Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA), often referred to as an Arboricultural Impact Assessment, goes hand-in-hand with the Tree Constraints Plan . This document reviews the potential impacts a development could have on trees and that trees could have on a development. Middlemarch can identify those issues which could hold up planning applications and provide creative solutions to alleviate these potential problems, therefore facilitating a smooth planning application process.

Middlemarch has extensive experience of providing advice and guidance in relation to trees to aid successful planning applications.


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