Who We Are

Middlemarch Environmental is one of the UK’s leading ecological consultancies. Our size and nationwide coverage means that we can be on site quickly and in an average month we successfully complete more than 200 ecological and biodiversity projects nationwide for a wide range of public and private sector companies, including developers, architects, individuals and local authorities.

Coventry Office

Middlemarch Coventry

Middlemarch Environmental’s head office is based in Coventry, West Midlands. We have a team over 40 skilled Ecologists, Arboricultural Consultants, GIS technicians and support staff working on projects across the UK.

Our ecologists are full or associate members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. They also hold protected species licences in England, Wales and Scotland for European protected species including bats and great crested newts.

Key Contact

Lucy Philpott is our Client Relationship Manager, and is the initial point of contact for all new ecological and arboricultural projects.

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Lucy has worked at Middlemarch since 2005, and during her time at the company has gained extensive experience of all aspects of ecological and arboricultural consultancy, including the successful establishment of Middlemarch’s arboricultural team.

Lucy’s current role is focused on the management of the submissions team, who are responsible for designing and providing fee proposals and tender responses for new and existing clients. Lucy has a valuable understanding of the planning and development process, and draws upon her wealth of experience and excellent communication skills to ensure that Middlemarch provides the best possible service to clients.

Middlemarch Derbyshire

Ashbourne, Derbyshire Office

Key Contact

Our Ashbourne Office is managed by Colin Bundy (Associate Director).

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Colin has more than 25 years’ experience in the nature conservation sector including over ten years with Middlemarch Environmental Ltd. He has considerable experience working on a range of ecological projects specialising in species protection, ecological assessment and habitat creation.

Colin is an experienced ecologist and works with a range of clients to provide ecological assessments and pragmatic mitigation strategies as part of planning application submissions. He has worked on a range of commercial, residential and highways projects throughout the UK. Colin works closely with project teams to ensure that ecological provision is designed in to a scheme as an integral part of the project proposals.

Middlemarch Kent & London

London and Kent Offices

Key Contact

Our London and Kent Offices are managed by Paul Roebuck (Principal Ecological Consultant).

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Paul has a wealth of experience, and is particulalrly skilled in green infrastructure, habitat creation and biodiversity design. He is also highly experienced in Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, Phase 1 Habitat, and BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) ecology surveys and a wide range of specialist protected species work.

Paul has experience in dealing with nationally important infrastructure projects, undertaking the ecological survey work, co-ordinating survey teams and management of the EcIA process.

Middlemarch Worcester

Worcester Office

Key Contact

Our Worcester Office is managed by Sophie Meredith (Senior Ecological Consultant).

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Sophie has a range of ecological experience having worked on a variety of projects since starting work for Middlemarch Environmental Ltd in January 2008. She has undertaken a wide variety of surveys including Preliminary Ecological Appraisals, daytime and nocturnal/dawn bat emergence, great crested newt habitat suitability assessments and full presence/absence surveys, nesting bird and BREEAM Assessments.

Sophie is also experienced in mitigation and translocation works for a range of protected species including bats, great crested newts and reptiles. She has managed large scale reptile and great crested newt trapping and translocation projects in the south east and has worked on a variety of Natural England bat development licences.

Middlemarch Sussex and Hampshire

Southern Offices (Sussex and Hampshire)

Key Contact

Our Southern Offices are managed by Rebecca Bond (Senior Ecological Consultant).

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Rebecca has experience in completing protected species surveys and mitigation, including reptile, water vole, dormouse and great crested newt projects. Rebecca has experience in project management and liaison with a wide range of stakeholders and has worked on large infrastructure projects across the country.

Rebecca is currently undertakes dormouse monitoring for the National Dormouse Monitoring Program (NPMP) in sites across the south of England.

Middlemarch Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire Office

Key Contact

Our Northamptonshire Office is managed by Chloe Lamley (Senior Ecological Consultant).

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Chloe has gained a range of ecological skills through academic and professional experiences in biological research, habitat management and species surveys. She is competent in a range of ecological and habitat assessments, including Phase 1 Habitat Surveys. In addition, Chloe is also experienced in a variety of protected species surveys, including great crested newts, reptiles, bats, water voles, white-clawed crayfish, badgers, otters, and nesting birds. Chloe is licensed to undertake great crested newt surveys.

Through undertaking an Ecological Clerk of Works role, Chloe has acted as a liaison between Middlemarch Environmental Ltd and construction teams on a number of sites, to ensure the ecology of each site is protected.