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What is Building With Nature?

Building With Nature is a new benchmark for the design and maintenance of green infrastructure in housing and commercial development. It provides a framework of quality standards, an assessment and accreditation service, and national awards recognising the design and delivery of high-quality green infrastructure.

Building With Nature introduces a framework of principles – Building with Nature Standards – that provide planners and developers with the know-how and good practice guidance to deliver high-quality, livable, places where people can enjoy healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

The standards are free to use and can assist with the planning and development of new places and communities.

How Does it Work?

Building with Nature offers a framework of standards divided into four themes: core, wellbeing, water and wildlife.

There are two levels of accreditation:

  • Good – high quality green infrastructure, delivering benefits within the boundary of the scheme; and
  • Excellent – exemplary quality green infrastructure, delivering benefits within and beyond the boundary of the scheme.

The User Guide (available on request) describes each of the standards in full and explains the scoring for each level of accreditation.

There are three levels of Accreditation: Design Award, Full Award (Good) and Full Award (Excellent).

Applications are invited at any stage in the development process: pre-application, reserved matters application, and post-construction/in-use. At pre-application stage, or for small developments, the entire masterplan is assessed for accreditation. For bigger schemes, reserved matters applications of individual parcels of development are eligible for assessment, to allow a phased approach to accreditation.


Recognising high quality green infrastructure at the planning and design stage of development.


Recognising development that has delivered a high quality of green infrastructure.


Recognising development that has delivered an exemplary of green infrastructure.


Building with nature awards


Building With Nature Accreditation

Developers can apply to have their scheme assessed, and planners can apply to have their policy document accredited, by Building with Nature. Awards are offered at both pre-and post-construction stages, to highlight what good looks like at each stage of the green infrastructure lifecycle.

Applications are encouraged from different types of development, and at various scales, however the current accreditation system is set up to assess schemes of 10 units or more.

Accredited schemes which are signed off post-completion, will be invited to apply for a Building with Nature National Award. This is an opportunity to showcase development where people and wildlife can be seen benefiting from well-designed, expertly implemented and sustainably managed features.

Middlemarch Environmental has Building with Nature Approved Assessors who work with those seeking Accreditation at the early stages of project development and design to implement the Building with Nature framework. Our Assessor will also help demonstrate compliance with the Building with Nature standards as the scheme progresses, to secure full Accreditation at the ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ level, complete a post-construction check, and if successful, support the scheme in their application for a National Award.

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