The greatest contribution to species protection and nature recovery is made by providing habitat. Habitat lies at the heart of the natural capital approach, housing the ecosystems and biodiversity that provide valuable services and the natural resources that enable nature-based solutions.

The ability to design and create habitat draws upon skills in multiple disciplines which, with the implementation of Biodiversity Net Gain, have become highly sought-after. Middlemarch Environmental undertakes habitat creation at any scale, from green roofs and swales in residential development through wetlands to restore sand and gravel workings, heathlands compensating for habitat lost to transport infrastructure and to landscape-scale rewilding. Middlemarch’s expert habitat design and creation team are uniquely placed to provide creative solutions.

We are experienced in working with conservation organisations to design and deliver high quality, cost effective, biodiversity rich wildlife habitats on existing nature reserves, or as new nature reserve areas.

And we can independently advise on and audit the habitat designs, implementation and management plans developed by third parties.

Habitat Creation Process

Middlemarch’s experience in all stages of habitat creation, restoration and enhancement projects has resulted in the development of our habitat creation process which we use to ensure that your project is sustainably designed to fulfil its biodiversity potential, both now and in the future.

This process begins with an initial feasibility study based on a detailed assessment of environmental conditions at the site, followed by a detailed design process by our habitat creation specialists (including acquiring necessary licences and permissions). We then manage the delivery of the habitat creation solution on site and undertake post development management and monitoring as required.

Design & Creation of Biodiversity-rich Natural Habitats

Middlemarch Environmental provide cost-effective solutions for all aspects of habitat creation. We design and manage the implementation of habitat creation project for you, including the engagement of earthworks and planting contractors and tendering and setting-out by our experienced ecological engineers. We are experienced in the design and management of habitat creation and restoration schemes involving the following:

‘Habitat management plans and services

  • Tree planting and woodland management
  • Pond and wetland management
  • Meadow management
  • Heathland management

Ancillary works and services

  • Fencing, paths and gates
  • Access improvement works
  • Interpretation and education