Middlemarch have an exemplary reputation for the provision of high-quality ecological surveys, assessments and mitigation solutions for projects of all types and scales. Our team of skilled technical specialists are able to complete a full suite of baseline survey work to determine the ecological interest of a site, to assess potential ecological effects and to design pragmatic avoidance, mitigation and compensation solutions in accordance with the mitigation hierarchy.

Large, complex projects are managed by our specialist Ecological Impact Assessment team who have an unparalleled track record of forming an integral part of project design teams, including major residential, employment, aggregate extraction and infrastructure projects. To complete the circle we also provide an expert Ecological Management and Ecological Clerk of Works service. Our team will ensure that, once planning consent is approved, any necessary ecological controls or mitigation are delivered seamlessly in accordance with the project timetables and budget.

Whatever your ecological survey, assessment or management requirements, Middlemarch will provide the professional expertise to add value to your project.