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Covid-19 Update From Middlemarch Environmental Ltd

In these challenging times we want to let our followers know that Middlemarch remain open for business. We are monitoring the situation continuously, remaining vigilant and prioritising the health and safety of our own employees, clients, family members and all others with whom we have contact through our daily lives.  We are strictly adhering to UK government guidance and direction and are of course aware that certain groups are more vulnerable to infection, with procedures being instituted where necessary to protect these individuals.  Whilst like everyone else we are modifying our approach to certain activities associated with delivery of our services in order to reduce risk, we have so far been able to execute assignments in line with our contractual commitments with no material disruption to delivery.

To ensure that our team and those in contact with them remain safe, we have implemented a range of measures. These include:

The Covid-19 outbreak presents a number of indirect risks to our health and wellbeing and challenges to business continuity. In particular we are conscious of psychological impacts, including being subjected to a constant stream of bad news, concern for the welfare of loved ones and uncertainty for what the future holds.  We are alert to the effects that these pressures can have, we take them just as seriously as other workplace health and safety issues and we are doing everything we can to support each other both within the business and in our engagement with others.

If you have any questions regarding ongoing projects, new projects or our working practices and protocols, please get in touch. We will, of course, keep you updated regarding any changes in our approach.

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