What we do

Middlemarch have a specialist Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) team with deep experience in providing ecological support to all types of projects, ranging from small-scale housing developments to major infrastructure schemes. Our EcIA team provides deep ecological expertise, whether contributing the ecology and nature conservation chapter of standalone Environmental Impact Assessments or advising through the entire lifecycle of complex, multi-disciplinary projects, delivering high-quality support for both the pre-planning and post-planning stages.

Ecological Impact Assessment Process

Our experienced team will undertake all aspects of EcIA projects, including:

  • Collating and reviewing baseline survey data from a range of sources, including existing survey reports and data provided by relevant stakeholders.
  • Consultation with nature conservation stakeholders, either as part of the screening/scoping process or as a standalone ecological consultation exercise. This will ensure that the scope of the assessment is fit for purpose.
  • Evaluation of natural capital or ecological resources and ecosystem services at any geographical scale.
  • Identification of potential impacts and effects in the absence of mitigation.
  • Design of appropriate avoidance and mitigation measures to allow potential effects to be avoided or minimised.
  • Assessment of residual effects after mitigation has been implemented, including the need for additional compensation where required.
  • Consideration of potential ‘in combination’ effects with other plans or projects.

The EcIA process is iterative, requiring close team-working with other specialist consultants to ensure that any mitigation measures are incorporated into the scheme layout at an early stage. Wherever possible, features can be designed for multi-purpose mitigation (e.g. SuDS) and realisation of opportunities to support nature recovery (e.g. engineered water treatment wetlands).

Additional Services

The following associated services are provided by the Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA) team:

  • Baseline ecological surveys
  • Habitat regulations assessments (HRA)
  • Habitat creation and enhancement