What we do

Middlemarch Environmental provides ecological expertise in support of construction and engineering undertakings at all scales. These schemes have the potential to inflict the most significant impacts on the natural world but equally we recognise that they are an inevitable requisite for economic prosperity and societal progress. We believe that by adopting best practice standards with regard to sustainable construction, impacts can be mitigated and opportunities for biodiversity enhancement may be realised.

One of Middlemarch’s key strengths is our ability to provide practical and pragmatic ecological advice at all stages of your development project, including the provision of Ecological Management and Clerk of Works roles throughout the construction and operational phases.

On Site Support and Supervision

The need to provide post-planning on site ecological support can arise for various reasons, including the implementation of development licenses, discharging planning conditions, and implementing measures set out in Construction Environmental Management Plans. Our expert team provides a broad range of on-site services, including:

  • Performing Ecological Manager and Ecological Clerk of Works roles.
  • Inspections for the presence of protected species, e.g. nesting birds.
  • Delivery of toolbox talks to site contractors to communicate ecological risk.
  • Species works associated with development licences, e.g. supervised roof strips or trapping and translocation of great crested newts.
  • Auditing compliance with development licences or planning conditions.
  • All forms of ecological monitoring.

Middlemarch have fulfilled these roles on many projects, ranging from single houses and roof conversions up to major residential develops, road schemes and other major infrastructure projects. Our aim is to ensure that ecological issues are dealt with promptly and to a high standard, achieving the best possible outcome for both your project and biodiversity.