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Ecological Surveys – Frensham Heights – IID Architects

Middlemarch Environmental has recently been involved in the ecological surveys required for Frensham Heights School in Hampshire. The development involved the demolition of the existing medical centre building and photography building with the construction of a new performing arts centre.

IID Architects instructed Middlemarch to carry out the necessary ecological surveys, which involved an extended phase 1 habitat survey and bat surveys. The surveys undertaken identified that the buildings contained a summer non-maternity bat roost for a low number of common pipistrelle bats. To ensure the development progressed, Middlemarch undertook the required bat licencing works, which ensured there was no breach in the European legislation for bats. IID Architects we are able to carry on the demolition under the watchful eye of one of our licenced bat surveyors.   No bats were found in the building during the works and the buildings were demolished. IDD Architects are also building new bat roosts into the new buildings.

Alan Brown – IID Architects “Middlemarch Environmental Ltd was a great help on this project. I would like to thank the team who work on Frensham Heights Schools, as with their assistance we were able to turn the project round quickly and met the tight deadlines set by the planners. The weather did not make it easy for the team at Middlemarch, but I have appreciated their co-operation and support throughout this process, which has made a potentially frustrating exercise less painful!

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