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Despite their secretive nature, badgers are one of the most common and widespread mammal species throughout the UK. They can occur within a range of habitats in both rural and urban settings, and are often encountered on or adjacent to potential development sites.

Middlemarch Environmental’s team of experienced ecologists are able to undertake all elements of badger survey, mitigation design and licensing.

Badger surveys

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Badger Surveys

Badger setts are legally protected from disturbance under the Protection of Badgers Act (1992). It is therefore important to establish the presence of badger setts either on site or within a 30 m radius when carrying out baseline ecological assessments. Badger surveys can be undertaken using a range of techniques, including:

  • Walkover site inspections by a suitably qualified ecologist.
  • Installation and monitoring of adhesive hair traps to determine whether a sett entrance is active.
  • Use of static cameras to monitor badger activity.
  • Bait marking studies, for sites where it is necessary to delineate territorial boundaries.

Badger Mitigation & Licensing

Where impacts on a badger sett are unavoidable, it is often necessary to apply for a Natural England licence to permit works with the potential to disturb badgers. Disturbance can only be licensed during the key period 1st July to 30th November when badgers are at their least sensitive. Activities often covered by licenses include works in close proximity to setts, temporary or permanent closure of sett entrances, or permanent closure and destruction of setts.

Middlemarch Environmental have a proven track record of successful design and implementation of badger mitigation, and we have been named as the registered ecologist on a large number of badger licences throughout the UK.

Additional Services

In addition to badger surveys, Middlemarch Environmental have extensive experience of providing cost-effective ecological solutions for all aspects of badger assessment and mitigation and can also provide the following services:

  • Advice on how to incorporate badgers into development
  • Sett closure
  • Design and construction of artificial setts
  • Design and installation of badger fencing and road underpasses
  • Habitat creation of wildlife corridors and enhancement