What We Do

Our experienced survey team can undertake a variety of bird survey work in order to assess the ornithological interest of your site. The most common bird surveys that we carry out are nesting bird checks, breeding bird surveys and wintering bird surveys. We also offer a variety of specialist ornithological surveys depending upon the requirements of your project.

Nesting Bird Surveys

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Nesting bird surveys are undertaken where works that could disturb nesting birds and result in a breach of legislation (e.g. vegetation removal, demolition) are proposed within the nesting bird season. The site is visited by an experienced surveyor who will assess the presence of active nests within the habitats to be impacted. Recommendations will then be made to ensure that your development proceeds in accordance with the legislative framework.

Breeding and Wintering Bird Surveys

Breeding and wintering bird surveys are often undertaken for larger developments where it is necessary to provide robust ornithological baseline data, usually to inform Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA). Our experienced ornithologists will carry out surveys tailored to the requirements of your project, using best practice survey methods such as Common Bird Census.

Bird surveys


Additional Services

Middlemarch Environmental can also provide the following services:

  • Vantage point bird surveys for wind power developments, inc. collision risk analysis
  • Species specific bird surveys, e.g. peregrine, black redstart, barn owl
  • Desk based bird risk assessments
  • Bird hazard management plans
  • Habitat creation and enhancement