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New class for Bat Licences will offer reduced cost and a quicker turnaround

Natural England has launched a new class licence for low impact bat works. This new licencing process has been developed to streamline the bat licence process and to reduce delays and costs.

The new Low Impact Bat Licence will allow works on developments which will have a low impact on a small number of bats, while ensuring the works are undertaken within the law.

Natural England has selected a small number of bat licenced surveyors who are able to issue this new licence. Only 70 surveyors in the UK have been selected and we’re pleased to announce that Middlemarch’s own Nick Steggall, our Principal Technical Consultant, has made the list.

This means Middlemarch is one of the few consultancies are able to issue Low Impact Bat Licences without further consultation with Natural England. As a result, projects will be able to proceed without the delay of the standard bat licence.

Nick Steggall explains: “The Low Impact Bat Licence process enables our clients to gain a bat licence for their development in a reduced time, compared to the standard licencing process. Our clients won’t have costly delays while waiting for the licence to be granted. There are also reduced restrictions as to when the when works can be undertaken.”

This new process only applies to seven species of bat in the UK and excludes maternity roosts and hibernation roosts.

If you would like to contact Nick for further details about the Low Impact Licence please call 01676 525880 or email

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