Middlemarch Environmental Ltd assisted Countryside Council for Wales (currently part of Natural Resources Wales) in the survey and GIS mapping of 12 Clwyd lowland grassland SSSIs (c. 315 ha). This project comprised the following tasks;

  • Collation of information on the historical distribution of plant communities and species on site.
  • Re-survey of the sites using National Vegetation Classification (NVC) methodology to establish current plant community distribution on site.
  • Supply of survey data in a customised GIS database format and production of large-scale maps to help in designing site management strategies.

The GIS team coordinated with the field ecology and reporting teams to make data collection, digitisation and analysis as efficient and as accurate as possible. GPS-aided  field data was processed by the team using aerial imagery, historical mapping and Ordnance Survey MasterMap as additional guides. Digitisation and analysis was performed in Esri ArcGIS.

At Middlemarch, we use ArcGIS for all our GIS processes – among other things, this means we can supply our GIS data in a variety of different formats. In this case, the client specified a MapInfo format data structure and style library to complement their existing GIS database and map library.

As an end product, the client received a comprehensive review of vegetation composition change on site and a spatial database to form the base for further site monitoring and management.