On completion of mineral extraction and restoration, Ripon City Quarry will become a wetland nature reserve which will be gifted to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to manage for biodiversity purposes.

Middlemarch were commissioned by Aggregate Industries to carry out detailed reedbed habitat design as part of the restoration proposals associated with a planning application for extension to the quarry.

Middlemarch Environmental was approved by the local planning authority to work as the ‘Wetland Specialist’ on the project and as part of this an audit of the previously restored habitats was completed and recommendations provided for enhancing the existing habitat.

Supervision of additional reedbed creation within restored areas has resulted in increasing the diversity of the wetland habitats represented on site, and are involved at the site through hydrological and ornithological monitoring, and supervision of wetland habitat creation post-extraction to ensure the maximisation of biodiversity before the reserve is handed to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.